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On a Wednesday at 9:32 A.M on the 16th of July 1969, the “Appolo 11” spacecraft achieved liftoff at cape Canaveral in Florida to stepped for the lunar module when a human first set foot on another celestial body. This day was to be a special journey for Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, and Fadous family in kfaraabida (a small village just outside batroun-lebanon), the birth of his 11th child, than they named him “APPOLO ELEVEN”. Appolo’s career began as a young boy’s hobby with little sketches and pictures painted on paper. First he designed for his seven sisters at home. He used to imagine designs for imaginary clients. Appolo has always loved to work in the luxury and design area. He has done till now (2011) five fashion shows and more than 4000 brides dressed “Appolo Couture”...