Ronald Abdala Ready-to-Wear “Lilith”, Spring-summer 2012

The collection carries the name Lilith in reference to the first woman of creation, who was formed simultaneously with Adam. Lilith, born equal as a free spirit, refused submission to Adam, demanding equality and co-rule. When refused, she took flight from the Garden of Eden. Upon Adam’s complaint to God, he was granted Eve, the second woman of creation, who would be submissive to him. Various stories were woven around the legend of Lilith as she was somehow (unjustly) transformed into the personification of evil and sexual power. By the 19th Century, she became the archetype of the femme fatale, who men feared and loved.

In line with the theme of his new collection, Ronald has chosen a palette of iridescent reds, shimmering greens, and floral prints, combined with soft creams and the staple black. The designs are sharp and provocative, highlighting the sensuality of a woman’s silhouette without overpowering it. Transparency and subtle detailing are fused with tailored cuts in a balance of feminine and masculine elements.

Ronald is one of Lebanon’s most up-and-coming modern fashion designers, and has received notable international recognition since launching his brand in 2007. This bold creative tends to favor a juxtaposition of structured cuts, origami-like patterns, and creative detailing, crafted with noble, rich fabrics and delicate hand-embroideries. Ronald’s couture designs have also become a fixture in Hollywood’s red carpet events, dressing of late Kim Kardashian, Stana Katic, Jessica Lowndes, and Nikki Reed - to name a few.

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