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NOIR is designing collections for both the consumer’s fashion and social conscience by creating meaningfulness in the luxury segment.

Today, emphasis is on fashion that carries a greater and deeper meaning. Clothing is more than protection against the weather; it is a means of establishing the personal identity that is presented to the world. In a world where we often take and seldom give NOIR is aimed at both the fashion and social conscience of the consumer, who can thus endorse consumption and give a little back to the world by purchasing clothing that supports sustainable business processes in the Third World.

In 2008 NOIR launched its first second line, named BLLACK NOIR. BLLACK NOIR is a diffusion line which echoes NOIR’s sexy and sustainable stance on style, designed to appeal to a younger market and inspired by rock chicks from different decades.
"We want to be known as the first brand to bring sophistication and sexiness to corporate social responsibility," says Peter Ingwersen, the founder of NOIR.